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who we are

alchemy insight brings together the expertise and experience of Natalie McLellan, supported and surrounded by a core team of digital and transformation specialists.

our founder

Natalie McLellan

alchemy insight was launched by Natalie McLellan.


Natalie spent many years in industry, including time in big four consultancies, and became convinced that organisations could do a much better job and thrive in the digital age by designing their business around the customer.  So, she set up alchemy insight to do just that.


Natalie’s the driving force behind the business and works as a trusted adviser with clients.  She’s a customer specialist and an expert in product, service and experience design. She uses this knowledge to shape strategies, propositions, processes and innovations that put the customer at the heart of a business.

Natalie leads the projects and designs the way forward, maintaining the client relationship throughout. She’ll draw from her extensive network to bring the right mix of skills at the point they're needed for each project.

Natalie is also particularly passionate about working with in-house teams to transfer skills and create a culture of innovation for the longer term.

our technical lead

Alan Calder

Our technical lead for IT and digital transformation is Alan Calder. Alan helps our clients to take a thorough look at their digital capabilities, and advises and guides them through their transformation strategy and implementation.


He’ll make sound recommendations about where best to automate and digitise the way you do things, and help you put together the right technology suite for your needs and budget, including hardware, software, apps and hosting systems.


When it comes to implementation and rollout, Alan makes sure that new and existing systems integrate from the front to the back end, and work seamlessly and securely for the customer. His knowledge and expertise comes from over 18 years working in management consultancies and as an independent IT consultant.

our data lead

Paul Miles

Our data lead for digital enablement is Paul Miles, advising and guiding you through your transformation strategy and implementation.  Ensuring you have the right data capabilities to achieve your digital agenda.

With experience in data management, data privacy, analytics and machine learning, Paul will assess your data capabilities for digital enablement. Paul will make recommendations on where and how to improve the way you leverage your data. He will help put together the right data and machine learning capabilities to suit your needs and budget, whilst meeting your obligations for data privacy and data governance.

When it comes to implementation and roll out, Paul will ensure you maximise the use of existing data assets, whilst deploying new data capabilities such as AI and using agile methods to ensure success. His knowledge and expertise comes from over 20 years working in financial services, management consultancies and as an independent consultant.

the alchemy network

We've built our network over many years in the consulting business. And now our address book is your address book.


We know and collaborate with service designers, user researchers, product managers and data scientists. Business analysts and strategists. Lean process experts and organisation change consultants. Digital and branding and marketing specialists. And, of course, all kinds of technology experts - from systems architecture to machine learning.


What unites us – beyond the many project experiences we've shared? Our creativity, our passion for results, and our unwavering focus on the customer.

Interested in joining the alchemy network as a freelancer or business partner? Get in touch at

One of our most long-standing working partnerships is with Palladium Digital, an exceptionally talented team of digital specialists.

the alchemy network
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