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how we do it

fast. agile. collaborative.

Gone are the days of working for months in a darkened project room developing new ideas that we think the customer wants.


To compete in today’s fast-paced and disruptive world you need to move quickly.


That’s where we can help.


We come in and work directly with your team to take a good look at your business – your people, your processes and your technology. Helping you to identify the challenges and opportunities that the digital age presents. Shaping strategies and solutions to transform your business with the customer at the heart of your plans.

We do this at-pace. Using insight-driven, lean agile techniques and principles to innovation and development.


Testing ideas and concepts with customers and employees in short, sprint-based development cycles.


Tweaking and refining as we go. Developing and shaping to an end solution through direct experience and feedback, not gut instinct.

We know that to create a turnkey solution that respects the specialism that digital demands you need a blend of skills.


A combination of traditional consultancy experience with the skills of digital natives.


Bringing together old and new worlds. Those with years of experience working with clients solving their problems, combined with experts who have digital in their DNA and can creatively and naturally apply technology ideas and solutions to business needs. 


This is the consultancy we’re building at alchemy insight.


Our strength is in identifying, pulling together and onboarding this exact mix of skills to deliver, bringing the right people on board just when you need them.


We work alongside your own team injecting energy and enthusiasm. Transferring capability and knowledge along the way, transforming your people and your business for the longer term.

a new consultancy model
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