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developing the

 digital vision

case study : developing the digital vision to create a more customer-centric and operationally efficient business for advisors and their clients

the business challenge

Our client knew they needed to embrace digital and make sure it was at the heart of what they did and how they did it. Improving their digital offering was fundamental to their strategy and very much part of their cultural and technology delivery agenda.

They were already developing digital propositions and business change initiatives. But they needed to be sure that what they were doing was aligned to an end vision that was centred around the customer journey and improving the overall customer experience of their brand.

our approach

Using visioning techniques and personas, we worked with a cross-functional team to play out multiple scenarios of the customer journey through various channels.   

Together we created a vision, high-level opportunity value case, capability model and transformation plan for a new customer-driven organisation with digital at its core.

the outcome

One of the key successes of this project was in our confidence that, as well as delivering the tangible project deliverables, we’d left the internal team with the knowledge and skills for a faster, more efficient way of working that would improve their effectiveness for the longer term.

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