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developing the

digital vision

case study : developing the digital vision for an independent wrap platform

the business challenge

Our client had spent several months developing their digital strategy and initiatives, including a new website.

They needed our help to engage key stakeholders and explain how this strategy would lead them on a journey to becoming a customer insight-driven, digitally-enabled business.

our approach

We designed and facilitated visioning and ideation workshops that would catapult the stakeholders into the future and help them to envision what a more digitally-enabled business could look like, and the changes and decisions needed to get there.

It was our role to structure and shape the content for the workshops. During the sessions, we needed to make sure that the audience understood the impact of fast-paced technological developments and changing customer expectations and behaviour on their business.

We also introduced the team to a FinTech guru who worked with the group to stretch the boundaries and open their minds when imagining their future business.

It was key that our approach facilitated the group to reach a shared understanding of what digital means for the business, agree the key digital opportunities and create a high level digital roadmap to aid prioritisation.

the outcome

Following the sessions, we co-created a digital vision blueprint articulating the client’s aspirations for digital, the reality of the current customer experience and the implications of delivering the vision.

We also used the outputs from the visioning sessions, and our extensive knowledge of digitally-enabled, customer-centric best practice, to create a digital white paper outlining key customer trends to help the client shape their approach.

Beyond the tangible outputs, this project was a great example of the buzz that can be achieved from a group of people working together to create a shared view of the future and committing to taking that journey together.

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